Well, I should be in bed right now, but I decided to write a bit.  This past week certainly has been an eventful week!  I’m very pleased with the Supreme Court decisions handed down and the Confederate flag coming down.  My mother is starting to eat again, well not enough, but at least she’s eating something.

My mom lives in an Assisted living place due to a stroke she had several years ago. She was, until a few weeks ago, very active and very upbeat about everything.  “I’m a lucky lady”  is her favorite thing to say.  she does, however,have a problem drinking enough water, and she stood up to transfer to her chair from her wheelchair, , got dizzy, and the next thing she knew, she woke up on the ground.  She broke her leg, her femur just below her hip.  But it wasn’t a bad break, didn’t need surgery or even require a cast of any sort.  She went to rehab for a few weeks, then finally back to her room.  But she just didn’t want to eat or drink water.  I went to see her, because she sounded awful on the phone, and she had not eaten anything the entire day.  She lay there, looking like a skeleton with skin draped on her, as if she had some deathly illness.  She said, “My mom died, my Dad died, maybe it’s my time.”  I said, but mom, Your dad got run over by a train, and your mom had pneumonia.  YOU have a broken leg which is nearly healed.  But she was not thinking right and later had to go to the ER just to get fluid.  The doctor gave her something to stimulate her appetite. I think it may be starting to work.  Well, that and everyone going over and taking her to her meals and calling her to remind her.  But she spends the rest of the day just lying in bed saying her back hurts, most likely because her muscles must be real stiff.  I called her the other day and was trying to get her  to do something, ANYTHING else other than just going to her meals.  She got mad and said, “I’ll just get in my chair and take myself outside for awhile,.” and she did for 20 minutes.  Surprise, she felt better after. She may even go back to her lifetime habit of eating popcorn every night!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

She also used to read me the headlines every night, but she “is too tired to read…”  So I told her about what has happened in the news this week and she perked up.   She even laughed last night.

My Mom will be 89 on July 19th.  I reminded her and she said ‘I WILL?”  Yeah, there’s a lot of short term memory loss that came with that stroke, or, as a result of it.  She’s scared me with this sudden turn around, sort of giving up. But t least she’s coming around a bit.

Well, I suppose, not a very interesting bit of writing for others, though you may have had some similar experiences.  If you haven’t – you probably will.

Anyway, I actually haven’t been to bed yet, but felt like writing!  Now I think I will get those eight hours of sleep.  At any rate my two cats are staring at me.  One is actually leaning on my shoulder, trying to take my glasses of.  She knows that I take them off right before going to bed, so when she thinks I’m taking too long, SHE tries to take them off.  Maybe she thinks they are the ‘go to bed button.  Anyway, it’s working.  So I bid you adieu!

Oh yeah – for all you Dads out there, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

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Well, this is my first blog here.  I’m a person, who happens to be a teacher, and much more.  We all are so much more than we let the world know.  I probably won’t write too much right now, (unless I change my mind.)  I broke my right arm a few days ago. FUN!!!

But I do tend to speak my mind.  I can’t think of  a subject I would dodge, except gossip.

Hate is not a part of my life, though, at times, it seems like it’s rearing it’s ugly face more than ever.  Perhaps, though, that means that hatred is coming out of hiding.  GOOD!  Then we can deal with it!

It’s time for us to understand hatred, which is usually ignorance.  There are an awful lot of people out there who are embracing ignorance!  That’s  sad!  But it doesn’t have to stay that  way.

That’s  all for now….

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